7 Digital Tools I Use Regularly

It wouldn’t be a new day without a new app or digital tool available to improve our lives as teachers. Here are seven that I use pretty regularly and have been using for at least a year. Sometimes is good to have tried and trusty tools that you know and can fully exploit.

All of these tools are free (at a basic level at least) and are intuitively easy to use – so no need for training sessions.

  1. Symbaloo

This is a great way to store your web-links. Easily create a page and organise your links in the way that suits you best. You can create multiple pages with different themes if you wish.

Another great feature is that you can also share the pages so you can create pages on specific topics for your learners. I also create pages to support teacher development sessions that I deliver.

  1. Jing

Jing allows you to take screenshots and videos from your computer (screen). The pictures can be easily edited using the TechSmith software. It is great for creating short instructional videos or documents.

Download the app and a little sun lives on your screen for easy access.

  1. Prezi

When a person is tired of PowerPoint …then turn to Prezi. I love this as a presentation tool – it is intuitive to use so try playing around with it. It also allows for collaboration and online presentation so the possibilities for classroom (and homework) use are great.

The only thing to avoid is creating canvases with too much swinging and zooming.

  1. Socrative / Kahoot

Both of these tools can be used for creating online quizzes and are popular with learners. They have slight differences and I have a slight preference for Socrative – but that is just me.

Coming soon:

7 ways to use Socrative

7 ways to use Prezi


  1. Dropbox / Google Docs

Both are ways to store your documents and share with others. If you have a computer at work and one at home and don’t want to use USB storage to move files backwards and forwards these are the perfect solution.

Google Docs also allows for online collaboration of documents – great for working with colleagues and for learner collaboration.


A quick and easy way to schedule meetings. I use it to schedule tutorial meetings with my learners – create a schedule, send the link to your learners and they can choose the times they want.

  1. SurveyMonkey

Create online surveys quickly and easily. This is a great tool to get feedback from your learners (or others). I often use it to get feedback when I run teachers development sessions.


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